Special Measuring Methods

The Balance Scan System is a highly developed precise measurement technique to assess pressure static and dynamic as well as static and dynamic processes. It is possible to exactly assess upper body posture and body fulcrum during seating.

A multifunctional system, measuring strength abilities in particular isometric maximum strength. It provides exact evaluation and documentation of most important parameters that are relevant for body posture and musculature.

A radiation free statodynamic measurement method, that provides important diagnostic information on the spinal column, hip status, head balance, jaw position, body tone, posture, leg and foot loads.

A highly developed and precise technique to measure foot positioning and resulting pressure from static and dynamic treading. Measurement of foot reaction forces, body fulcrum and gait.

SOMNOscreen Sleep Diagnostics records sleep in the familiar domestic environment. Snoring, apnea, respiratory, and sleep stages and other parameters are measured.

The ISST Myo-Bar-Meter is applied in combination with the FaceFormer for comparative, standard-oriented measurements of lip strength and the air permeability of the nose.