Human that is you

The ISST-Unna has a wide range of services from rehabilitation and healthcare. Get to know us, our employees, and the dedication and high qualification of our whole team.

Intensive cooperation at eye level and success steps that are noted shortly, conveys the feeling doing the right thing to the concernded participants. This is the most important foundation for a mutually motivated work – both for patient and therapist – and therefore the dominant element of the ISST team philosophy.

Clear and comprehensive medical explanations, discussion of established and alternative therapies, and the usage of personalized, holistic treatments on a scientific basis, are the foundation for our successful therapeutic activities.

The many years of collaboration of Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen Bernden in international interdisciplinary research projects, teaching at universities and other health care facilities as well as intensive practical work with patients who are an important source for permanent expansion of general skills and expertise at the ISST.

Sabine Berndsen - ISST-Direktorin

Sabine Berndsen
Director of the ISST

Dr. Klaus Berndsen - Wissenschaftlicher Direktor

Dr. Klaus Berndsen
Scientific Director


*A E I O U Human that is you –  The bronze sculpture in the head of this page is a joint production of Dr. Klaus Berndsen and the polish artist Eugen Wisniewski.