The Balance Scan System is a sophisticated and precise measurement technique for detecting pressure forces both in static and dynamic processes. It enables the accurate diagnostic detection and analysis of upper body posture and body fulcrum while sitting.

Balance Scan Measuring Method

Therapy Supported Measurement with High Quality Equipment

The available sensor technology allows the registration of weak strength measurements (important for children) and has a high sampling frequency. The high measurement frequency and the vector analysis are decisive foundations for a high quality individual therapy plan for the patient.

Individually and Medically Based Training Therapy

Besides assessing the diagnostic data, the system is also prepared for biofeedback therapies. Using the acquired data, our specialists are able to design an individually and medically based training therapy for you.

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Posture and Seating Balance

  • Static pressure tests to obtain the pressure conditions during sitting
  • Static balance and center of gravity determinations during sitting to evaluate deficits in posture and imbalances.
  • Evaluation of dynamic pressure dispersion and balance behavior of the body

Advantages for the Patients

  • Quick evaluations
  • Immediate documentation of test results
  • Objective measurement results
  • Foundation for therapeutic interventions