Sabine Berndsen

Sabine Berndsen is the Director of the Institute for Special Systemic Therapy (ISST) – International Center for Rehabilitation and the Dr. Berndsen GmbH Medizintechnik company in Unna, Germany.

Sabine Berndsen - ISST-Direktorin

Sabine Berndsen
Director of ISST

She studied the fields Patholinguistics and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Bonn, Cologne and Dortmund.

After completing countless study visits to universities as well as clinics and scientific institutes in the USA, Spain and South America together with her husband Dr. Klaus Berndsen, she began focusing on the newest research in the areas of Rehabilitation Science, brain research and functional muscle function therapy. Concomitantly, she directed the International Project for Therapy and Technology Research for disabled and non-disabled individuals, treating patients in different countries of the world.

As a result, she organized scientific investigations in the context of multiple international projects for the therapy and technology research for disabled and non-disabled individuals.

Sabine Berndsen is author and co-author of book publications and countless scientific articles in text books and professional magazines not to mention a speaker at national and international congresses. She organizes multidisciplinary work groups and projects for children and families. Since 1995, sie is an associate lecturer at the University of Witten-Herdecke. In the Department of Dentistry and Orthodontics at the University of Frankfurt a.M, she has taught theory and clinical practice of functional methods of therapy as associate lecturer since 2006. She supervises multiple projects in the complex area of research.

Treatment methods, patents and innovative developments researched, developed and manufactured by Sabine and Dr. Klaus are accepted and used worldwide. The results of her work are presented often in the public media. Because of her differing technical contributions to medicine, she is highly regarded for her expert opinions.