Intensive Therapy

Intensive therapies have been given by ISST in Unna for many years. Local, national and international patients have taken advantage of this offering.

Until 2010, patients from 92 different countries have taken part or introduced themselves to the treatment opportunities at ISST.

The goal of the intensive therapies is the significant improvement of functional operation or functional compensation of inherited or acquired disabilities: Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, diabilities due to accidents, syndroms and of disruptions in the following activities:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Swallowing
  • Motion
  • Body tension
    and balance
  • Speaking
  • Perception
    and cognition

The special therapies of ISST are well-known for their effectiveness and are supervised by experienced, long-standing academically and practically trained ISST therapists. Besides expert professionalism, an empathetic and individual conduct with the patients is furthermore an important basis for a success therapy outcome. The therapy module is designed for every individual patient.

ISST Principles

  • Supervision of individual treatment in a well-observed and familial atmosphere with specially trained rehabilitation personnel.
  • Execution of highly controlled quality standards when necessary
  • A trusting relationship between therapists and patients
  • Avoidance of site and personnel expansions at ISST
  • Limited number of intensive patients at any one time during treatment – maximum of 5 patients

Variable Intensive Therapy Time Courses

  • Compact weekly
    Duration of 1 to 12 weeks
  • Daily treatment schedule
    of 3 to 5 units
  • Daily for several hours
  •  Weekend schedule

The duration of the intensive courses are agreed between ISST and the individual patient.

Accomodation During Treatment

All intensive patients and their loved ones are accomodated outside of the ISST premises. There are hotels, private pensions or apartments near ISST available for accomodation needs. Outside the therapy schedule, nursing staff may be ordered when necessary. The costs for food, lodging, nursing care, etc. are not covered in the treatment costs.

Supplementary Services

Supplementary services are available if required:

  • Shuttle service between airport and ISST
  • Daily shuttle service to the treatment
  • Hotel or apartment booking
  • Car rental booking
  • Nursing care booking

Intensive Therapy Costs

Intensive therapies are private demands. Generally, patients are responsible for the treatment costs. If the costs are to be paid by a third party, the patient must clarify the arrangement before the start of therapy. A signed statement from the third party of compulsory payment must be presented to ISST prior services rendered.