ViVoCom Communicator System

VivoCom is a communication system with language exercises for persons with speech handicaps. Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen developed this system to help with speech and communication difficulties. VivoCom can be used efficiently in diagnosis and therapy.

ViVoCom Communicator – Computer Supported Therapy

Development by Dr. Berndsen/Berndsen

VivoCom is a modern content management system (CMS). The creation, processing and organization of the content can be directed by the user or therapist alone or collaboratively.

ViVoCom CommunicatorVivoCom kann wird mit hoher Effizienz auch in der Diagnose und Therapie eingesetzt.
The contents are prepared from text and multimedia documentation. Explicitly, VivoCom uses analogous pictures, photographs, writing, and speech. These elements are for every communication situation available. The creator or author can use the system without any programming knowledge.


ViVoCom CommunicatorIn the first place normally basic communication fields are created such as hygiene (basic bathroom), nutrition (basic kitchen), clothing and sleeping (basic bedroom)

For the persons unable to speak, VivoCom is a useful communication tool. For the speaker and his audience, the possibility offer a way to explore thematic correlations together.