Special Therapies

Special Therapies at ISST

A multitude of special therapies is practiced at the ISST:

  • Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy
  • FaceFormer Therapy
  • Castillo Moralez Therapy
  • Myofunktional Therapy
  • Oral Stimulation Plates
  • Galileo Therapy
  • PhilPaso Therapy
  • Tramp Trainer Therapy
  • Skriptpoint Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Strength Training
  • Spinal Dynamic Surfing
  • ViVoCom Communicator System
  • Combinative Shockwave Therapy
  • EatGood, KVT
  • Akupaedia with Sounds

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy aims to treatment of musculary disfunctions caused by functional disorders in the regions of mouth and face. By activating und strengthening orofacial muscles particular influence is taken on positioning of the tongue, accurate swallowing patterns and leading breathing behaviours to usual nose breathing.

Castillo Morales Therapy

The therapeutic concept of rehabilitation physician Dr. Castillo Morales from Argentina includes the usual sensomotoric development of the child. Inner and outer perceptions are stimulated by specific therapeutical techniques. Additionally effort is beeing applied on the footrest to raise the children as early as possible. The Castillo Moralez Therapy involves the formation of emotional, communicative and social behaviour as weill as it’s autonomous development.

Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy

Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy is based on the results of modern brain research. It is focused on selective stimulation of cranial nerves to promote brain stem functions and interactive brain activities. The goal of NCS Therapy is the development of motion sequences in compliance of complexity, precision and constant frequency adaptation by controlled device guided motion according to neurophysiological patterns.