Special Therapies

Special Therapies at ISST

A multitude of special therapies is practiced at the ISST:

  • Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy
  • FaceFormer Therapy
  • Castillo Moralez Therapy
  • Myofunktional Therapy
  • Oral Stimulation Plates
  • Galileo Therapy
  • PhilPaso Therapy
  • Tramp Trainer Therapy
  • Skriptpoint Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Strength Training
  • Spinal Dynamic Surfing
  • ViVoCom Communicator System
  • Combinative Shockwave Therapy
  • EatGood, KVT
  • Akupaedia with Sounds

ViVoCom Communicator System

VivoCom is a communication system with language exercises for persons with speech handicaps. Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen developed this system to help with speech and communication difficulties. VivoCom can be used efficiently in diagnosis and therapy.

Spinal Dynamic Surfing

SDS therapy ist capable to initiate complex motor coordination in persons who are suffering at motoric disorders. Body coordination and perception are subconsciously active similar to a meditative condition. Acoustic stimuli initiate physical and psychological influences on hearing in which the skin, tissue, bones and ears receive the information. Through receptors, sensory actions, fine muscle contractions and brain activity are stimulated, improving assimilation of information.

ScriptPoint Therapy

SkriptPoint Therapy is applied on Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention-Deficit Disorders, Perception Disorders, Gifted and Talented. After differentiated diagnosis and advising the Therapiein is applied by our specially trained, qualified professionals in individual sessions.

Tramp Trainer

Trampolin based efficient full body workout. Gentle and motivating rehabilitation. Tramp Trainer exercises protects spine and joints with an elastic and soft jumping mat. The training is done without damaging shock effects. Successful applications include the treatment of handicaps after injury or surgery on the ankle, knee and hip joints, as well as obesity or osteoporosis prevention.

Galileo Therapy

Galileo Training aims to build up the deep muscles as well as strength and speed. Diverse muscles groups are trained by side-alternating oscillation with variations of load and frequency. The modern device effortlessly activates different muscle groups. Positive influence is taken on body tension, performance, perception and coordination.

OSP Therapy

The OSP therapy has been successfully applied in numerous indications such as TMJ problems, snoring and sleep apnea, paralysis, lack mouth or tongue circuit malfunction. The OSP used are characterized by a high user acceptance. The desired orofacial reactions typically occur convincingly.