Weight loss with sense! Weight loss without the yoyo effect!  Weight loss without hunger! Weight loss without diets! Weight loss without having to count calories! The EatGood method of Dr. Berndsen/Berndsen is a completely new approach to weight loss. EatGood does not stand for an especially good meal, but is much more about a better quality of functional digestion through eating, drinking, swallowing, taste sensitivity, breathing, head balance, etc. The EatGood method is about a correct functioning system incorporating important pre-digestive and digestive processes and metabolism.

Ideal Weight With EatGood

How often have you already tried only to become frustrated and pigging out afterwards to satisfy that frustration? You have chosen the correct nutrition. Are you sure what that is? Most of the information we receive about nutrition seem plausible, but the fact is that the information is pure speculation. Still the only convincing method in which everyone is able to lose weight effectively, is to simply eat less over a time.

How can one understand these goals?
Why must I change tested movements and functions of eating and drinking to reach my ideal weight?

The fact that something obviously functions smoothly is never a sign that a process operates correctly without problems. This is reason why false movements of our arms, legs, hips, etc. first present health problems long after they have begun. For example, walking from A to B was always no problem then one day pain is noticeable in the hips. The reason is in most cases, is that stress had gradually induced over the years which we had not noticed. The same goes for eating and drinking. We can do so without problem. Inspite of this, those functions do not have to be correct.  In most cases, weight gain is connected with such functional disorders. Considering this fact, the EatGood method assumes that the correction of habitual false behaviors is the central premise that body weight can be reduced and maintained successfully and effortlessly. How good is it when what is normal and correct leads to success!

Countless people could reduce and maintain their weights with the EatGood method without having to fear the dreaded yoyo effect. By correcting wrong behaviors and habits, people are able to create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Which Skills Are Trained Primarily By the EatGood Method?

1. Excitment of Brain Nerve Functions – Sight, Smell, Taste, Swallowing

Optimization of Food Consumption

  • Danger control (temperature – hot, cold – over 43°C is painful, protein denaturation / Composition – pungent, acidic
  • Enjoyment (smell – fruity, foul, etc.)

Olfactory Perception

  • Fine taste evolves on the foundation sense of smell:
  • Oral Perception of Food (taste: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami (savory)
  • Inner Mouth Sensitivity
  • Retronasal Olfactory Perception
  • Differentiated smelling of flavors

2. Excitment and Correction of Functional Processes

  • Mastication Function / Mastication Time
  • Enzyme Activation
  • Tongue Sensitivity, Tongue Movement, Tongue Position
  • Swallowing
  • Breathing
  • Head Balance

3. General Processes

  • Motivational Training
  • Customized Movement Training
  • Customized Diet

Optional Complementary Helping Aids

  • The possibility for individually instructed equipment training
  • Individuelly guided equipment training
  • Attendance in Nordic Walking training
  • Drinking cure
  • Nutrition advice
  • Functional Measurements
    • Blood pressure
    • Pulse
    • Oxygen saturation
    • Nose flow
    • Lip strength
    • Weight

The EatGood method is instructed by well-qualified and certified