The therapeutic concept of rehabilitation physician Dr. Castillo Morales from Argentina includes the usual sensomotoric development of the child. Inner and outer perceptions are stimulated by specific therapeutical techniques. Additionally effort is beeing applied on the footrest to raise the children as early as possible. The Castillo Moralez Therapy involves the formation of emotional, communicative and social behaviour as weill as it’s autonomous development.

Castillo Morales Therapy

Castillo-Morales-Therapy – Orofacial Regulation Therapy (ORT) – Has been offered and continually expanded at ISST since 1989.

Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen’s work generated significant excitement in the USA and Argentina in the 1980s. They worked for several weeks in 1988 in the Dr. Morales’ clinic in Cordoba, Argentina. Under his tutelage, they learned the theory and practical application of his methods. In the following years, the Berndsen’s took part in further professional courses, which Dr. Morales offered in Germany. At the Professional Training Institute at ISST, physicians and therapists are able to learn these methods.

La communication “lo primero del primero!”
Communication is “the first of firsts”

Therefore, it is our responsibility to facilitate communication with our partner. If he is unable to use vocal communication, we must decode his meanings and attempt to arrive at his level of communication. With patients, their loved one’s, their environment and cultures, we must continually compensate for needs and desires to be able to provide their companions a different quality of life, more self determination and independence.

Dr. Rodolfo Castillo Morales

Components of the Castillo Morales Therapy

The therapy concept of the argentinian rehabilitation physician, Dr. Morales, considers the normal course of sensory motor development of children. It developed from his many years of experience in treating muscular hypotonic children. This concept allows for the excitation of perception from the environment and from self (i.e. muscles, tendons, joints) through special stimulation techniques. In parallel, intensive foot supportive functions are reinforced to help children as early as possible to achieve a standing position. Emotional, communication and social development requirements are also considered such as human autonomous development criteria.

Special knowledge of Castillo Morales Therapists

  • Musculature and its operations
  • The interdependency of the above systems
  • Therapeutic equipment
  • Development of physiological functions of the orofacial and total body complexes